The Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2006
Body Positive Dorset

Diana, Princess of Wales House
24 Lorne Park Road
Dorset BH1 1JL

Tel: +44 (0)1202 297386
Fax: +44 (0)1202 290385

Counselling - Just diagnosed? Finding it hard to deal with the problems life brings? Why not take control.
Live Positive. Mind, Body and Spirt. Click here for information and start living a more positive life.

Test Yourself! No Needles. Just Questions.

How much do you think you know about HIV? Take our online quiz to test and improve your knowledge. Raising awareness in the community is important, so learn with us and pass on your newly acquired information to educates others. Together we can change the incorrect perceptions of society and promote prevention.

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Where To Get Tested

Do you need to have a sexual health check up? Where do you go? We can provide you with up to-date information on where you can access STI testing facilities to enables you to look after yourself and receive the appropriate care, support and advice when needed.

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Who Are We?

Body Positive Dorset is an organization set up to offer advice, practical support, counselling and information helping those people whose lives are affected by HIV. We also aim to raise awareness and promote prevention through education in the community. We are a registered charity with a board of trustees and a dedicated, loyal team of managers, staff and volunteers.

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Body Positive Dorset is pleased to offer an extensive range of complementary therepies provided by fully qualified therapists
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Body Positive Dorset

Celebration of 35 years living with HIV

Body Positive Dorset

Body Positive Dorset
Invites you to join us for
Philip's Celebration Party

A buffet and drinks will be provided

All Welcome

14.00 onwards
Thursday 12th February 2015
24 Lorne Park Road
Bournemouth BH1 1JL

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