Well that title is slightly misleading, as technically it is British Summer Time but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather is any better or ever if it knows it’s supposed to be summer.

The only good thing is it is still light when I get home, silver linings and all that.

I feel very isolated from my female peers and I know that they exist but there seems to be no connection between rural and centric organisations.

Women living with HIV make up for 50% of PLWHIV and in the UK we are a third of the HIV population so why the isolation. A question I ask just not sure I have an answer.

As I get older I seem to be developing so many other things and being tested for all sorts. The main two being a form of lupus and the dreaded fibromyalgia. Oh the joy, and what a combination, but to be honest I have been in so much pain maybe a diagnosis or name will help.

I have learnt to live with HIV just being a part of me, so I suppose I will adapt and learn for these to be just a part of me too. Mind you at this rate there will not be any parts left.

I ask myself while on a train is this the continuation of my story or is that where I stopped writing what changed. Did I write any more, or do I need to, and if I did where is it??

I suppose the idea of a blog is well actually can it not be up to the individual instead of the pressure of social media and getting it right. Don’t compare, don’t compete, just be you, just be Samantha.

Despite my usual anxiety I feel quite excited that I am travelling towards a summit in London and guess what it’s a WOMENS SUMMIT.  And what was I saying earlier about feeling isolated this is just the medicine required right now. So, the excited above was understated when I am in fact SUPER EXCITED.

A time to connect, a time to learn, a space to grow, smile, and to be me, a Woman Living with HIV.

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4 years ago

Hoping you enjoy the summit and especially lots of time with your female peers, I’ll see you when I get back.
Take care