The Joys of Ageing

After a recent camping trip, and let me just say that will not be happening again! I have come to realise that my co-morbidities as a woman living with HIV are the bane in my life and are the things that have started to restrict my everyday activities.

My HIV is just in there sleeping quietly, the medication rocking them silently keeping them sleeping and safe. I remain happily undetectable but boy do those other ailments make sure they are known, and these are the things causing problems. I had a clinic appointment this week and I normally see the same person every time, now I realise because that is easy and I do not really have to talk about anything, not the deep and gritty stuff anyway. I saw a female doctor and one of the first questions she asked me was about the MENOPAUSE, wow that blew me away and I just started crying. Then it all just came out, things I didn’t even know I would be able to verbalise or even talk about but there it was just all falling out of my mouth, there was no stopping it.

Now massive respect for this consultant as they normally see me in work mode, but they made me remember I am a patient too and I deserve the same input and care. I see you too, thank you.

So, the outcome of this camping trip and the change of consultant, means my camping stuff is for sale and my GP is going to receive a letter saying I need some pain management.

Happy days.

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