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6 months ago
Am very concerned at what the benefit system and their new assessments are doing to the people that do need it.....15 points to get ESA and well if you can watch TV and get up from a chair...u can work.....FFS #unfairsystem #whywhywhy #attackingthevulnerable
6 months ago
Great to have you all here #networking #hosting #mentalhealth
BPDorset photo
UK-CAB @ukcab
We're excited to host our second ever meeting outside of London today in sunny Bournemouth. Big thanks to @BPDorset for hosting us!

Looking forward to talking about HIV and mental health plus discussions on the highlights from #CROI2019 and #BHIVA2019.
6 months ago
Oops what happened to the weather gonna be a selfie day of #BHIVA2019 BPDorset photo
6 months ago
If you at #BHIVA2019 come and see us on our stand @SamanthaDawson5 @dogboi2
See what's happening in Bournemouth and what we do #bepreparednotscared #breakthestigma

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