Can I stop ART?

If you have problems with ART, do not stop taking your drugs without first speaking with your doctor.

Contact your HIV clinic to book an early appointment.

Unless there is a medical need to stop, taking a break in ART is not usually recommended.

Staying on ART will generally be better for your long term health. It will keep your CD4 count high and keep HIV under control.

  • Stopping ART is not generally a good idea.
  • Your viral load is likely to increase within days. Each time you stop there is a risk of drug resistance.
  • Your CD4 count is likely to drop. It will be more difficult to recover when you restart ART.
  • If you really want to take a break, then first talk to your doctor.
  • If this is because side effects are difficult or you don’t like the food advice, there are other drugs that might be better.

If you still want to stop, your HIV doctor can tell you how to do this as safely as possible.

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