Is a negative test 100% accurate?

HIV tests after the 3 month window are more than 99.97% accurate. They work for all types and subtypes of HIV.

Very few medical tests have 100% accuracy. There will still be rare cases where someone is HIV positive and not picked up.

However, HIV tests are one of the more accurate tests for any medical infection. Tests showing a negative result are ‘interpreted’ as negative.

If the result is negative three months after exposure your result is interpreted as negative. This assumes you have had no further risks.

At this point you can stop worrying. This is the purpose of testing. Learn from the experience you have gone through in taking a test.

Learn about how to protect yourself in the future so you don’t have to go through this stress again. This will enable you to make informed decisions and to look after your sexual health.

If the result is negative four weeks after the exposure, this tells you that you are very likely to be HIV negative. The test after three months will confirm this.

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